SPF Approval

Certificate SPF approval

GMP+ Certifikat

GMP+ Certifikat

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Hest & Rytter 2020

We will be present at the show in Herning - Booth no L 9110

Welcome at Easy-AgriCare A/S

To thrive optimally animals have a need for a good foundation. This basic idea is echoed in everything we do.
The mission of Easy-AgriCare is to produce products that positively can contribute to the stimulation and improvement of animal welfare and at the same time improve the stable environment thus ensuring higher well-being of animals and humans.

With nature as a starting point, we have developed innovative products for both professional and hobby characterized livestock.

More information on easy-bedding, easy-brick, easy-fiber, easy-strø, easy-way and the other products in our range on the following pages.